Zero Waste Swap: Reusable Produce Bags

If you missed Monday’s post, I am working toward a more zero waste lifestyle!

One of the first and easiest switches I’ve made is purchasing reusable produce bags. I selected a set of 12 for $14.97 from Amazon and I’m super pleased with them so far!

Quick tip– did you know you can email Amazon customer service and let them know  you’d like your orders sent with as little packaging as possible? Here’s a template:


My name is _____ and I have a Amazon account under the email ____________. If possible, I would like to add a note to my account to make anyone packaging my orders aware that I would like as little packaging as possible and to avoid additional plastic wrapping and bubble wrap at all costs. Thanks so much!

Stash these reusable produce bags in your car (with your reusable grocery bags!) and you’ll never forget them. The bags are sturdy and include the weight (so that you can tare your bags on the grocery store’s scale). They’re also washable.

Pro tip: if life gives you lemons, don’t drop them in the snow 🙂

Click here to buy these bags. This is not a referral link, I’m just a big fan of these reusable bags!

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