Style Epiphany | Workwear Wednesday

I’ve recently had a style epiphany! In shopping for new items (and as criteria for cleaning out what I currently own), I will only choose clothing that is:

  • Minimal (No crazy patterns and mostly neutral colors)
  • Effortless (Goes with everything else I own and NO IRONING! Easy to wear is what I’m aiming for.)
  • Something that makes me feel wonderful and confident (Otherwise, see ya never!)

Bonus points if there are unique details, like the chic collar on the dress I’m wearing today.

And speaking of this dress from Clothes Mentor, it absolutely fulfills all of my new requirements!

Black and white with a simple pattern? Minimal.

No ironing required? Effortless.

Makes me feel feminine and confident? Yes, please!

And that adorable collar? A lovely detail on an otherwise simple dress.

ANN TAYLOR DRESS (Clothes Mentor)  |  J.CREW CARDIGAN (Savers)  |  FLATS (Payless)

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