Pattern Mixology, Part Two | Workwear Wednesday

While my style leans toward minimal, I do enjoy pattern mixing with the simple pieces I already own!

The trick is to pick patterns with similar colors, like I shared this winter with this navy and white outfit. And today I mixed stripes with leopard, both with a base of black to tie the two patterns together.

I’m not usually one for much jewelry, if any at all, so I like that the kitten heels spice up this outfit without being too in-your-face.

JONES NEW YORK TOP & WORTHINGTON SKIRT (Clothes Mentor)  |  CLARKS HEELS (Poshmark)  |  Daniel Wellington Watch

 As always, I’m pairing up with Nout from Sandpaper Kisses. Head over to her blog to see what she’s sporting for Workwear Wednesday!

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