Old Clothes, New Combo! | Workwear Wednesday

This outfit is the result of a major closet clean out a few weeks ago! It’s amazing when you take stock of your clothes and then  brainstorm new ways to wear what you already own.

Lightweight dresses are a staple during the spring and summer. Pair a dress with a similarly lightweight blazer and you have a lovely work outfit!

And, I even added a necklace just for fun. I’m not really a jewelry person, but after a closet clean out, I force myself to start wearing what I have or else get rid of it. With my newly minimized wardrobe, I’m feeling more inspired than ever to find new ways to wear what I currently have.

You’ve seen all of the pieces I’m wearing today before, but this combo never occurred to me until donating/selling a lot of clothing:

  • The blazer was also a winter staple
  • The necklace added beautiful contrast to a teal dress for a bridal shower
  • The dress was a summer favorite a few years ago
  • The boots were a recent thredUP find that I wore all winter long

BLAZER & NECKLACE (Kohl’s)  |  DRESS (Old Navy)  |  BOOTS (thredUP)

4 thoughts on “Old Clothes, New Combo! | Workwear Wednesday

    1. Oh my gosh, I’ve found so many fantastic pairs of shoes on thredUP! I highly recommend taking a look. It’s so freeing to minimize your closet. Plus, it’s that much easier to get dressed in the morning 🙂

  1. You are too cute! I love pairing a chic blazer with a dress; it’s so sophisticated but at the same time if you want to go a little bit more casual all you have to do is take the blazer off. Great workwear wednesday outfit and how fun is it to put together new outfits from stuff you already own?!

    1. Exactly! You just get me 🙂 I am trying to get creative with what I have and it’s definitely leading to some interesting combos, that’s for sure!

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