How I Will Save in 2014

My theme for 2014 is “saving.”

The Two Cent Chick How I Will Save in 2014

Here is how I plan to save:

1. Project Use Up

I will use up as many products as possible (and document my progress here). Last year, I used up 104 products!

I’m only allowing myself  to buy 10 beauty products, nail polish, etc. (excluding shampoo/conditioner and basic skincare).


  • Actually using up what I already have! It’s an amazing feeling to finish something you’ve been using for a few months.
  • Preventing me from buying junk I don’t need, therefore allowing me to save for what I really do need!

P.S. Feel free to still join in! Leave a comment below if you’re with me, and if you share on social media, use hashtag #projectuseup 

2. Thrifty Threads 365


After going back and forth, I’ve decided to join in on Thrifty Threads 365! A challenge started by Patrice from Looking Fly on a Dime, she (and all those who want to participate) commits to only thrift shopping for 365 days. As she says on her blog:

“This challenge isn’t solely about saving money, but showing firsthand that “your style is never determined by your wallet” and your fashion is only limited to your imagination.”

The more I’ve learned about thrift shopping and the more I’ve explored new thrift/consignment shops, the more I understand the above quote to be true.

My two exceptions: I am in need of a comfortable and reliable leather pair of black flats and nude flats (I raved about these Payless Claire Scrunch flats, but I’ve found that they wear out quickly). Suggestions are welcome!

3. Fiscal Fast (30-Day No-Spend Challenge)


I read about Frugal Beautiful’s idea for a Fiscal Fast last month, and as scary and challenging as it sounds, I realized how beneficial it could be!

So, I vow not to buy anything unnecessary to living in February.


  • Saving money!
  • Time. Time to declutter and donate what I don’t need, time to “finish those annoying unfinished projects” and time to focus on what’s important.

And yes, you caught me, I picked February because there’s only 28 days 🙂

So these are my three main goals for how to save. What are yours? 

8 thoughts on “How I Will Save in 2014

    1. Ah you should!!! For me, I either have to completely stop spending or just let myself spend frugally…budgets don’t seem to work too well for me. So the February thing should be a good way to save, and then after that, I’ll just thrift stuff that I absolutely love. Let me know if you join in!

  1. It seems like finances are on everyone’s mind (thank you, taxes) because saving money and curbing spending are a big part if my resolutions for the year!! I might have to jimp on the bandwagon and join you, too!! Yikes! 🙂

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