Bargain of the Week: The Detox Market Cruelty-Free Beauty Samples

I’ve learned so much in the past six months about the many toxins found in cleaning products, cosmetics and everything in between.

My education on this topic is ongoing, but I can’t help but still be astounded each time I learn a new fact about the lack of United States regulation for chemicals in the products most of us use every day.

For example, did you know there are only 11 restricted chemicals banned in US cosmetics but Europe has banned 1,328 chemicals from cosmetics that are known or suspected to cause cancer, genetic mutation, reproductive harm or birth defects?

That fact alone has caused me to reexamine every item I bring into my home, and it’s the reason I’m switching over my beauty and skincare products to cruelty-free and natural products.

But brands that offer these safer, healthier cosmetics tend to be on the pricey side, especially compared to the drugstore beauty products I am accustomed to. So I was thrilled to find a website that offers samples of quality, expensive cruelty-free brands: The Detox Market.

The Detox Market Samples

$7.99 + shipping

  • The opportunity to sample and test out expensive products before buying the full size versions is incredible!
  • Samples are generous (in my opinion). The face masks have about 3 uses, but the highlighters I sampled will last for a long time (a little highlighter goes a long way).
  • Samples are made-to-order! According to the website,  “to ensure that you receive the freshest, most beautiful products to your door, sample orders will generally take about 7 business days to be fulfilled and shipped out to you.”

Below are the samples I’ve ordered (plus there’s a batch of 4 concealer samples in the mail to me currently):

Gressa Eye Tint in Bronce ($36)

“Gressa’s Eye Tints provide flawless coverage and stay put for long-lasting color,” according to The Detox Market.

I love the plum-bronze shade of this cream-to-powder eyeshadow and I am considering purchasing the full size when this very generous sample runs out.

Gressa Eye Tint in Obscur ($36)

A deep brown with purple undertones, I love the color of this eye tint but I hate the formula! Unlike Bronce above, this eye tint lacks smoothness and the ability to blend. I won’t be purchasing the full size.

EcoBrow Eyebrow Defining Wax in Sharon ($26) 

It was incredibly difficult to guess which shades of this EcoBrow wax would work for me, so I’m glad I tried a sample first! Sharon turned out to be too dark for me, but now I know and didn’t spend $26 on a product that won’t work for me. I might try another shade of this brow wax in the future.

Gressa Lip Boost in Aux Rouge ($29)

I thought for sure that this beautiful shade would work for me, but it’s a bit too orange-y for my liking. I won’t be purchasing the full size in this shade and now I can pass this sample onto someone else!

RMS Beauty Living Luminizer ($38) 

This highlighter provides a gorgeous pearly glow! The sample is so generous that I will be able to use it for quite awhile, too. Considering purchasing the full size in the future 🙂

RMS Beauty Magic Luminizer ($38)

I’m a sucker for champagne highlighters like this one, and just like the Living Luminizer sample above, this will last a long time. Definitely on my wishlist!

One Love Organics Brand New Day Scrub & Mark ($39 for full size, $12 for sample jar)

I have yet to try this mask, but I’m hoping to get about 3 uses from this sample.

May Lindstrom The Problem Solver ($100) 

If I ever have the disposable income to spend $100 on a mask, then I’ll know I’ve *really* made it! 🙂 Until then, I’m thrilled to test out this mask that I’ve heard so many rave reviews of. Note, I’ve used this sample once already, so I have about 2 uses left. I loved how my skin looked and felt after one use, but I can’t stomach $100 for a face mask.

I highly recommend taking advantage of The Detox Market’s sample program to try out high-end brands before you buy the full size versions of products! If you order samples, I’d love to hear which products you chose and what you think of them.





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